Emily Maguire BSc (Hons), MBPsS, MAC, Dip.LC

Are you looking to be empowered and change your life? Looking for a coach who will listen and help guide you, to reach your full potential? Then read on…

I am an accredited Life and Business Coach with 20+ years of business management/mentoring experience.

Qualified to Level 5 Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) in Professional Coaching & Mentoring. I specialise in; Career Coaching, Business Coaching and Executive Coaching.

With flexible 1-2-1 or group coaching, I will help you realise your individual/company goals and find your full potential.

A member of 'The British Psychology Society' (BPS) with a degree in Psychology and a MAC member of the 'Association of Coaching' means I have had to reach high criteria of training and coaching hours to gain this professional credential.

I have a Diploma in Teaching Meditation, am a full member of The Guild of Holistic Therapies and fully insured by Towergate Insurance. Which means I can also specialise in Mindfulness Coaching. The latter of which is suitable for both individual and businesses for increasing productivity and handling stressful situations.

Also the managing director of 'Reflections Talent Agency', working in the entertainment industry for over 25 years I have a wealth of knowledge and can help guide actors to unlock their full potential. I also work with directors, producers and other entertainment industry professionals, giving you peace of mind that you have a coach who will fully understand all areas of the industry you wish to talk about.

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Using the wise words of the prolific Coach John Wooden;

"You must know who you are and be true to who you are, if you are going to be who you can and should become. You must have the courage to be true to yourself". 

Using my years of business experience, combined with my coach training we will explore all areas of your work life, including relationships for a more balanced lifestyle. Helping you prioritise and remove any blocks so you can move your business forward with a new sense of confidence. We will look at who your target audience is, your biggest problems but also your greatest advantages that set you ahead of your competitors.

Want a better career? Looking for a step-by-step system and structure for achieving it? I help my clients develop a career and life plan that has clear, concise, and achievable goals. Start today!


Combining my degree, business experience and coach training means I can offer specialized Career Coaching which can start with a psychological career assessment test. 


Through coaching, we will explore your strengths, values, desires to help discover your true calling and create a vision for the future to work towards.

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Qualified to Level 5 in professional coaching and mentoring means I can work with your managers or those in line for promotion to ensure they are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to manage their team/workforce. By improving, managerial performance will, in turn, increase your organisations' productivity.

Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements and price options. Thank you


Are you an aspiring actor, but not sure how you can make the dream happen? Are nerves controlling you at auditions? Have you recently graduated and now at a complete loss as to the next step?


One-to-one coaching gives career guidance for actors who feel like they are treading water. Coaching looks at you holistically, so we will be working together exploring all areas of your life to create an evener balance. This will help empower you, as you go forward, so you can present the best possible version of yourself in life, work or in auditions.

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Meditation has been found to; increase confidence, heighten your self-awareness, reduce anxiety and a quieten a busy/overactive mind.


Meditation classes are available for individuals or businesses.


By working with a Coach the practice of meditation can be deepened and carried out whenever you feel the need for perspective and calm.


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Are you feeling stressed and/or is life overwhelming you? Are you struggling to find calm to a busy mind? Then Mindfulness Coaching is for you.


Mindfulness Coaching, combined with Guided Meditation can help you be more focused and present in the here and now, improve your mood and help you handle life better.  

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Emily helped me out tremendously. She's a superb listener, she totally understood my situation and gave me the support and clarity I needed. By looking at things in a different way I was able to get out of the loop I was in. Can definitely recommend!


I was so grateful for the really helpful coaching session I had with Emily. We talked about a range of issues, such as confidence and acting related concerns I had as a soon to be graduate. Emily was supportive and really helped me to understand how I could put in place positive strategies to achieve my goals. I'd definitely recommend her to anybody, and particularly actors.


The call was fantastic - we had an initial chat to discuss what I would like to work on so that Emily could better understand what it was that I was looking to achieve from the session, and I was asked to complete a short questionnaire and make a list of my strengths and weaknesses so that the session could be tailored to me. During the call, we set some small tasks for me to complete which were very simple things that I could do to help me achieve my goals. I really enjoyed the session and I have already implemented many of the things we discussed. I would definitely recommend to anyone who may be considering coaching.


Emily is a fantastic Life Coach and such a good listener. She helped me gain perspective on my problem so I could finally start moving forward.


Contact Me

Email: emily@reflectionslifecoaching.co.uk |  Tel: 07412 833382

A True North


"Our ships are tossed

Across the night,

Our compass cracked,

For wrong or right.

True North is there,

Or over here?

Confusion rules

Our sea is fear.

Then suddenly a beacon bright

Is shining through

This stormy night.

It's pure and straight

To his true course.

The coach is seen.

He is True North."


-Steve Jamison (written in honor of John Wooden)


Face to Face: Hull, Leeds, Doncaster, York, Driffield, Bridlington, Scarborough, London, United Kingdom

Online or Phone: Nationwide UK, Europe and New York.

Payment Methods:

UK: 07412 833382

NYC: (917) 720-3072

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