"The best way to predict the future is to create it." 

Abraham Lincoln


With career coaching, you will have someone who will, support, inspire and motivate you towards your goals.


I can help you identify the right role for you and help you work towards achieving it. Or help you move up the corporate ladder in your current job. From the very first session, we will create a plan of action. So you can start pushing forward straight away, to a more fulfilling work life.


Coaching looks at you holistically and we will also be using personal development in other areas of your life to help balance and empower you, as a whole. Finding any other factors that are impacting upon your career will help you move forward more successfully along your chosen career path.

Combining my 'Psychology degree', 'ILM level 5 in Professional Coaching and Mentoring' and business experience means I can offer specialized career guidance which can start with a psychological career assessment test. The latter is great for those who are unsure of what career path best suits them and need help and direction in deciding.

Career coaching is also suitable for new graduates who need help navigating the job market and how best to stand out alongside the competition. You've done all the hard work, gaining the credential, now a coach can help you best sell yourself, to book that dream job!

Career coaching can also look at:

  • Guidance on resumes. To enable you to create effective resumes for any job you apply for.

  • STAR interview technique, preparation and practice.

  • PAR interview technique for behavioural interviews.

  • Guidance on application letters.

  • Help to find your career path in life.

  • Time Management and accountability.

  • Feedback on resumes and letters.

  • Help to change careers and with your transition into it.

  • Help to build self-confidence.

  • Help with controlling nerves.

  • Guidance for new graduates entering the job market place.
  • Help to change careers and with your transition into it.

  • Career progression within your current organisation.

  • Identify self-limiting beliefs and help remove any blocks to your potential. 
  • Help to balance your home and work life.

Coaching sessions are available online or via phone.