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Coaching is for anyone and everyone who are feeling unfulfilled, or in need of help and/or guidance to reach their full potential.

The key with any reason is that you must be willing and ready to take action and make the changes. If you are ready to put in the work and want to achieve your full potential then now is the perfect time for coaching.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs states that to self actualize all humans have 5 fundamental needs that need to be achieved; physiological well-being, safety, love and belonging and esteem which leads to full self-actualization.

Coaches will not judge but listen and through the use of tools and questioning help you find a brighter, more self-empowered future. Every area of our lives are interconnected and as such coaching looks at you as a whole and not just one specific area. Even with Business and Executive coaching every part of your life and the people in it are interconnected and affect who you are and how you act/react.

Starting with an initial free consultation, I will learn more about you, your hopes and dreams and what areas you wish to work upon. Before the next session, I will ask you to complete an information sheet which will go even more in-depth. Your answers will help guide the first coaching session and go towards formulating a plan of action. We will be establishing some GOALS and creating steps we can take towards them each session.

All new clients are offered a FREE 30-Minute discovery session.