"Acquire peace of mind by making the effort to become the best of which you are capable"

John Wooden


Coaching is for anyone and everyone who are feeling unfulfilled, or in need of help and/or guidance to reach their full potential.

Coaches will not judge but listen and through the use of tools and questioning help you find a brighter, more self-empowered future. Every area of our lives are interconnected and as such coaching looks at you as a whole and not just one specific area. Even with Business and Executive coaching every part of your life and the people in it are interconnected and affect who you are and how you act/react.

I have studied and trained in both Life and Business coaching and due to this extensive training, it means I can coach the majority of people. 


My main coaching specialisms though are; Life Coaching, Careers, Coaching for PerformersMindfulness, and Spiritual Coaching.

I work with individuals and businesses and sessions can take place; In-person, online or on the phone. Whichever method that works best for you will be discussed at the initial consultation. 

All new clients are offered a FREE 30-Minute consultation.


Aside from my specialisms people come to me with a variety of problems and below are some examples of what else we can cover:


  • Setting up or expanding your own business.

  • Relationship issues; marriage, friendship, parents and so on.

  • Wellbeing: Including spiritual wellbeing.
  • Dealing with emotions: stress and anxiety.

  • Motivation.​

  • Performance Coaching for directors, actors, producers to help unlock their potential.

  • Career change/Finding your career path.
  • Interview Preparation and feedback on resumes and letters.

  • Managing People: Staff, students and more.

  • Motivation: lack of it and help to feel inspired/passionate again.

  • Creativity: help expressing yourself in writing and/or emotions.

  • Families: dealing with difficult teenagers, better communication and more.

  • Personal development: looking at life GOALS, aspirations and personal challenges. Help to remove any self-limiting beliefs.

  • Spirituality: Is not just about religion is can also be about finding your higher self and harmony in the world around you.

  • Work/life balance: finding a balance between paying the bills and having a happier home life.