We all communicate differently be that; Visually, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory or Gustatory. Some lucky people communicate all ways and others just one. By finding the way you communicate means as a coach we are working and building ways that will best help you as an individual navigate life. As a coach, I will always aim to match your communication style to help improve the overall coaching process.

Executive function coaching is also suitable for adults who suffer from ADHD and want to find the best tools to equip themselves with for a more balanced life. But you don't have to have an ADHD diagnosis for Executive function coaching. Here are some of the key skills it can help with which are relevant to the majority of people.

  • Learn how to create a balance between home and work life.

  • Learn the skills needed to best handle stress and even stop events before they spiral.

  • Be equipped with the skills you need to reach your full potential in life.

  • Social skills to better interact with people.

  • Interpersonal and self-awareness skills.

  • Better decision-making skills.

  • A sounding board to help bring clarity to problems.

  • A coach will engage and unify the whole person.

  • How to best communicate.

  • Better time management skills.

  • Weekly check-ins via email and text to help keep you motivated and on track.

Coaching looks at you as a whole and we will also be using personal development in other areas of your life to help balance and empower you. This will then help you move forward more successfully.

Coaching sessions are available online or via phone.