"There is a choice you have to make, in everything you do. And you must always keep in mind the choice you make, makes you" - Anonymous


Coaching is for anyone and everyone who are feeling unfulfilled, or in need of help and/or guidance to reach their full life potential.


The key with any reason is that you must be willing and ready to take action and make the changes. If you are ready to put in the work and want to achieve your full potential then now is the perfect time for coaching.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs states that to self actualize all humans have 5 fundamental needs that need to be achieved; physiological well-being, safety, love and belonging and esteem which leads to full self-actualization.


As a coach, I will not tell you what to do but I will work with you on this journey of self-discovery as a guide to find the answers you need for a more balanced and fulfilling life. The changes can even start from the very first session. Unlike counselling, coaching looks to the future and not the past. 

Starting with an initial free consultation, I will learn more about you, your hopes and dreams and what areas you wish to work upon. Before the next session, I will ask you to complete an information sheet which will go even more in-depth. Your answers will help guide the first coaching session and go towards formulating a plan of action. We will be establishing some GOALS and creating steps we can take towards them each session.


In between sessions, I will also set tasks so that you are constantly working towards GOAL achievement, in and out of sessions.

Life Coaching is a broad type in respect of the areas it can cover. Some ideas are:

  • Self-awareness; find whom you want to be and establish the GOALS to get there.

  • Life Goals and help achieving them, removing any obstacles or self-limiting beliefs.

  • Confidence growth.
  • Development of people interaction skills to function in life better.
  • A coach can be a soundboard and help guide you through any difficulties.

  • Help becoming more motivated and passionate about life.

  • Overcome anxieties and form better relationships.

  • Better balance between your home and work life.
  • Help to learn how to trust your instincts and intuition. 

  • How better to manage your finances.

  • Developing higher elf-esteem.

  • Time management for a more balanced lifestyle.