How 360 Feedback can Help Build Your Self-Worth

Updated: Jan 5

Confidence and nerves can be linked to a person’s sense of self-worth. Nerves can be caused for many reasons. They can be caused by not feeling good enough. This can arise from past judgements or criticisms from peers and negative feedback from people. They can stem from our childhood, from parents who are unsupportive and give the message to their child, they are not good enough.

It can even be caused by trying to live up to peers by emulating them to the point, we try to be exactly like them. Low self-worth can lead to feelings of inadequacies, which only goes to restrict us further.


One thing that can be done to help improve a person’s sense of well-being and build self-worth is a thing called 360 feedback. 360 feedback is mainly used in business coaching but can be adapted and applied to anyone.

What you need to do is approach close friends and family and asked them to tell you one quality they think is amazing about you as a person on the inside and on the outside.

Here is a video here which explains it further. This is aimed towards body image but can easily be applied to other areas:

The comments you get back may surprise you and contain things you had not previously considered yourself. These comments are great to keep with you as texts to read every day. To remind yourself that even if you are not matching the speed of your peers, it is nothing about you as an individual. By increasing one’s self-worth and confidence, helps to empower an individual towards achieving the future they long for. For one cannot achieve one’s goals until their mind and body are in alignment.

So once your confidence is increased you can look at yourself more objectively. By looking logically instead of internalising, you will better identify what changes if any, you need to make to your life. For example; Not getting hired for a job. It could be as simple as having a weak skillset, in need of improvement or further studies. As opposed to it being about something wrong with you as a person.

Overall, remember to be patient and kind to yourself and others, that asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength! You are the captain of your ship, empower yourself and take your life where you wish it to go. Take the leap, what is the worst that could happen? If the worst happens is it really the end of the world? Now is the time to set yourself weekly challenges and reward yourself for achieving them. Start working towards the life you want, today!

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