How Blocked Chakras can Inhibit Creative Performances!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The body is made up of several Chakras which control the flow of energy throughout the human body. They start from the top of our head and run to the tips of our toes. When just one Chakra becomes blocked, it can have a significant impact on our ability to function to our full potential.

Chakras are said to be connected to our endocrine system. When they are stressed, they lose their ability to synchronise and the body becomes unbalanced. This stress or negative energy stops the Chakra being unable to work. This leads to energy blocks which can have physiological repercussions, as the other Chakras struggle and overcompensate for the loss of energy. Which creates a strain on the body as a whole.

What are all the Chakras?

Using certain colours is thought to help when Chakras are blocked. For instance, wearing the colour blue can aid with communication. Red is great for courage and energy. Purple is about strength and understanding.

TIP: These colours are useful to use in your promotional materials, when marketing yourself or even attending meetings and auditions. Think about how you could incorporate them, to increase the flow of positive energy and attract more work!

What else can You do as a Performer?

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