As a parent, you want to always be there for your child and share all their experiences with them. However, sometimes young people can find it hard to discuss things with their parents and difficulties in communication can occur. Which understandably as a parent, leaves you feeling frustrated and worried.  

If you want your child to have some support, someone to talk to, and feel that you are perhaps not quite the right person for this, then a coach could be the way forward for you all.

With a coach, a child can sometimes feel freer to talk about the things that are on their mind or troubling them. Things they find hard to speak about with parents can at times be more easily discussed with a coach.


As a parent you can feel easier, knowing your child has someone to talk their worries through with. That, in turn, can help improve your parent, child relationship.


Coaching can help your child develop:


  • Better ways to resolve anger and stress.

  • How to handle conflicts.

  • How to better handle their emotions and confusion.

  • Learn how to express themselves more easily.

As a coach, I am there as a soundboard. I will be impartial and I will listen to all your child as to say. Helping them explore why and how they feel the way they do. Or help them find ways to resolve situations like bullying for instance.


I will not be telling them what to do, or how to do it, but supporting them. Helping them find their own way through to find a resolution that works best for them. In essence, equipping them with life skills that will help them as they grow through to adulthood.

DBS checked, fully insured and I hold a Diploma in Life Coaching, a Level 5 in Professional Coaching and Mentoring and a BSc Psychology Degree. I also have previous experience working with and mentoring children/young people.

It is important that both parent and child are happy with me as a coach and I am more than happy to answer any questions either of you may have, before committing to any coaching sessions.


My sessions last up to 60 minutes and I will be establishing some GOALS that your child wants to work on and give them work to do in between the sessions. This will help to keep them focused, positive and forward-moving. I also do a weekly email check-in, to motivate and check how they are progressing.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have. Or book a time and date that suits you, to talk further.​